I can't believe that my exam session is finally over and I Ace it!!! I'm so happy about that! I finally get to rest, be lazy and just nothing to do except dressing up and going out ! Of course that will be just for a week but it's enough! I can't wait to post some outfits here! I' ve done some shopping yesterday!
Have a great day!


Today's outfit : Sunday, 23.01.11

 I can't believe that it was almost a week since my last post! I feel really bad about that, but this exam session, that I'm in the middle of is A NIGHTMARE. I have an exam tomorrow and after this post I'm going back to my textbooks, studying...I promised myself, if I do well tomorrow I'll go on a little shopping .

Anyway, this skirt is made of chiffon and I just love it!The broun vest is something that I wore a lot this winter.It's very comfortable,easy to pair it with a lot of things. The butterfly ring is something I found in accedently in a local store and I just saw it and buy it.There was no hesitation :) 
So, I recieve a lot of question about the feather earrings I bought recently. I saw it in the exact same store I buy this butterfly ring.So, I'm sorry , sweeties, but as far as I know, there's no internet site, where you can purcase them.

Hope you all have a great week,beauties!


Today's outfit : Tuesday, 18.01.11

Hi,sweeties !
So,today I'm feeling like a business woman :) So, I dress like I'm going on a very important meeting!It's so much fun! I love the color of that dress and how hugs the body! And I love my pearls altough I must admit that they are fake :( But I hope one day I will buy myself real ones :) I'm really into big bags and that one is my biggest one! And I just love it :)

And here are some things I buy myself yesterday. The earrings are so interesting, right? Like fedars. I think that they really suit my fluffy boots!We'll see...And the color of that nail-polish is just so shoking! I imagene wearing it with blue pants and black blouse and black eye make up...Can't wait to show you,guys, what I mean :) 


Today's outfit : Saturday

It's such a sunny day here! And I'm going out for a walk :) I can't wait to feel the sunbeam on my face :) And here is my outfit for the day:


Today's outfit : Friday

I can't believe that I haven't post anything since monday! Wow! But really, guys,I'm sorry, but I'm very busy these days, coz I must study :( I had another exam other day and I pass it :) But still there are 3 more to go!
I really like those black thights as u can see! I wore them here and here


Today's outfit : Monday

How are you? Here the weather was wonderful today, and I went for a long long walk :) Here's the outfit I chose! I felt like wearing a lot of black :) but I really like black on black combo's and I think the scarf fits perfectly :)


On Jan 5th were the people choice award, I don't know if you saw them, but I did, and I think that there were some very cute dresses! But don't include Alshle Tisdale horrible tan and inpropriate summer dress.


I love Jennifer Aniston' s outfit, Minka Kelly, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift:

But my favorite look for the night is Kristen Stewart! And I'm not a twilight fan :) She looked comfortable and strong in her dress! And I love it. Of course, when she opened her mouth, she showed again how incomfortable actually she was. But that's not important :) Her Reem Arca's dress was AMAZING !

Which one is YOUR favorite????
I'm posting now an outfit that I wore a couple days ago, but I didn't have time to post it earlier :) 

 The bracelet have clovers and   tiles  with insvription which says: May this clover bring you love, honour, health and wealth :) 

My outfit for the exam :)

Hi, beauties!
 How are you? Here,it  is a beautiful morning! It's so sunny and light! And I feel great :) I had a really long sleep :)You know, sweeties, I had an exam yesterday and that's my look for it. Do I look smart? Well, I felt smart with the glasses and the sweather :)