How was your weekend! Mine was just fine! A lot of walks, meets with friends and a lot of laugh!
In this photos I was wearing maybe my favorite shoes for all times! These red heels are not only very chic and comfortable, but also pretty warn-out! But I have these babays for already 2 years, and I think they are still very modern!
What do you guys think?

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I know I already told you about this contest on hypeed.com , but I reaaly want to ask you to vote for me ( if you of course like my style) because it will mean so much to me if I make it this issue! Thanks, guys! You rock!

This is the link:  http://hypeed.com/Andy-s-Style-Contest--v5966   and here are some photos of my outfit for the contest:

P.S. I change the look of my blog! Do you like it?



It's such a lovely weather here and I'm really in love with the nature and seeing how everything wakes up! I spend pretty much the whole day just walking, faving fun with my friends..Ahhh,I just love the summer!
And here are some photos we've taken :)



I'm so sorry for not posting for four days, but it were really besy days! But the weather today was so wonderful and I found time for taking some pictures! I hope you like them! My latest obsession is my newest trench. Some of you asked me where I got it! So,the trench is from local strore, so unless you 're in Bulgaria (that's where I'm from) , you couldn't buy it and also the store doesn't have webpage.
The contest on hypeed,com continues, so I'm asking you again to vote for me if you like my outfit! The scarf there is the same like in this post!



It was Sunday night out, very easy, lazy and rainy.Me and my boyfriend have a long walk home after a nice cappuccino!I used maybe the last day with cold weather to wear my feather boots! The rain was pouring around us and I felt somehow just perfect! What you think about my outfit?



It's early in the morning here and I can't wait to show you my outfit from yesterday!I'm in love with my new trench and I'm sure I will use it a lot! This metalic color is so chic and I have a lot of things to pair it with!
What you guys think?
P.S The contest on hypeed.com continues, so if you want ,please vote for me on: http://hypeed.com/ai30#p485


Style Contest

Guys,I need your voices! I will be so grateful if you could vote for me on a style contest, which is organized by hypeed.com .It's so important for me to win, altough I know its tough because there are so many great gals with great  style!
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Monday, 15.03.2011

Here is my new outfit for the day- a little simplier,with less jewelry.What you think?



How was your day? Coz may was wonderful!!! The weather was amazing and I can finaly say - The Spring Is Coming!!!! And I'm so happy about that, because spring and fall are my favorite seasons! 
The day was amazing and for one other reason - today  my boyfriend shoot me for the first time and it was so much fun! I've laughed so so much and the whole thing was very strange and funny at first. But fortunately they were many many great shots! And I'm pretty sure he will ger better!
I'm off for a party now! Kisses and hugs,lovelies!


Thursday, 10.03.2011

These days I find it so hard to think of new looks and outfits, which are interesting and not boring and in the same time warm enough for that unpleasant weather! And I'm so tired of that! It's enough! I need the spring now! I need the sun! And most f all I need to show you my new springs things I bought myself! But today was very cold day and I must be honest with you, guys, I was cold ! I went for something more spring-ish and I shivered all day altough my coat is pretty warm...And I'm not the kind of girl whose willing to get cold but to be fashionable; I've always believed that these 2 thing ( to look good and stay warm) are compatable...
Well,and what do you thing,lovelies?
P.S I should tell you that it's so sad that so many of you don't celebrate the Woman's day! You should do something about it,because we must be celebrated,right? 
Have a lovely day,guys!



How are you? I was great today especially because it's woman's day! I don't know if you,guys, celebrate it,but here is like a big thing :) I recieve many regards and flowers :) And how about you?


Sunday, 06.01.11

Today the weather was cold but sunny and Iwent for more colors! I think this spring the bright neon color will be very in ! And I really like it! So,brighten up,guys,lets make the whole world colorful and shine :)