Brown again !?!?

Well, I'm already feeling much better! Thank you for your wishes!  So, I decided to go out for a walk and that's the outfit I wore. I wear brown skirt with a brown boots and a brown jacket . Do you think it's too much of it, or just the right amount ? What do you, guys, think ?


Remember the summer (sick at home)

I'm so sick right now. I feel like someone took all of my strenght and take it away! So,laying in my bed I just remember all of the good memories from the summer! So,sorry that I don't have an outfit pictures for you, Instead here are some photos from my summer! I hope you enjoy them!  Hope you all will be healthy in this flu-season :)


Holiday Mood

There is a month till Christmas, but I can't wait to come! I love it - the family gattering together, the presents,the decoration! So I begin with buying gift just for me - wonderful lingerie from skinny :)


Last sunny days

It's already so cold outside, but I still try to squize all the sun that I can get! I love this outfit because it's so comfort, but still fashionable! What you think?


Brown Tights

I haven't been around so much! Here is another outfit that I wore yesterday ! Hope you like it!