The last day of 2011


Are you started the countdown! It's almost 2012 ! And of course my blog is 1 year old! I  went back to my first posts and photos and I was so surprised! For 1 year my blog is so much changed - my pictures are with much better quality (thanxs to my BF's Canon Camera - it's amazing ) , my style is changed and most of all I have changed! And I want to show you my first photos :


Not so great ,right? But I kinda still love them! Here are some of my top moment in 2011 ! Which one do you like most?


Christmas party !!!!

Hi, guys!

The other day I was at a Christmas party with some of my friends! I choose for the occasion a black H&M dress and a red lipstick. It was my first time wearing a red lipstick and I was a little bit worried, but I think it was ok . I matched the red lipstick with exactly the same shade nail-polish . Unfortunately in the pictures they look SOOOOOOOO different and I was so disappointed. But anyway... Do you like this shade of red on my or I must change it ???

The kiss on my BF's cheek ;)


A Very Merry Extraordinary Christmas !!!

Hi, sweeties !

It's Christmas already, guys! Are you excited as I am?  I wish you to all an extraordinaty happy Christmas!
I wish you all health and luck and happiness! And may your all wishes come true!
And don't forget:
If you worry about what other people think of you, you'll never know what you think of yourself.
Besides, worrying only gives you wrinkles.
So, Sing loud.  Dance often.  Rock out with a serious air guitar.
And when all else fails, don't forget to smile.


mustard AGAIN

Hi, lovelies!

A few days back, when the weather was better ( not like now - cold and no snow, just rain ) I was to the graduation of one of my freinds and he's officially a medical doctor now! I'm so happy for him but a little jealous,because I have a year and a half full of exams and a lot of heavy books, before I will be a doctor .And while I'm on subject - this year my Christmas and New Year's Eve will be sad, because my exam session it on! I have 4 exams in 20 days :( Anyway, here is my look of that graduation's day! Do you like it?


White tights


Do you remember when you were a little girl and your mom dresses you up with skirts with white tights! I soooo miss my childhood! So, I decide to bring it back with white tights! What makes you think about the past?


Yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submerine....

Hi, sweeties!
As I said so many times I love love love  bright colors not only in the summer, but also in the winter! So,here is another outfit with yellow color this time and some blue that pops up ! Do you like it?