I need a dress inspiration - Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and so many more...


Sorry for the lond title :) But I really can made up my mind! There are so many choices, so many dresses! But first of all - I need to brag about the end of my exams ! YEY ! So happy for that! And in less than 2 days I fly to Spain ! Once again - YEY ! But right now I really must start thinking about a formal event that I will be attend in 4 months! There is a lot of time but it's important to me and I really need the perfect dress! So, here are some of my inspirations that I found on the net!Of course I will not wear the same dress ( unfortunately they are too expensive ). But I really must figure it how long, which color will be perfect for me. You know I love colors. So which of these will be perfect for me?


Bright Accessories


The weater is awful and it's so hard to take pictures these days! I stay mostly at home because it was raining for 2 day until last night, when it start snowing ... again. So, right now I'm sitting  at home trying to study and hoping for the weather to be warmer, because my flight is on Tuesday and I don't want to cancel it ! My last exam is on Saturday ( how bad is to have an exam on Saturday ??? )  and then I have a week in Spain ! YAY ! :)
So, these photos my BF and I shoot in Monday when the weather was still ok. I dress up for a contribution on hypped.com ! You can vote for me here  if you want :) 


Pink scarf


My preparation for the trip to Spain continues. It's hard to get to know two beautiful clorful cities just for one week! It's awful! I wanna stay there for a month! A girl can only dream... So,my flight is on 31th January and until then I can only plan and wait for my new pair of shoe that I bought online. Many of you guess it just right - I bought myself a beautiful black leather wooden heel pair of Lita shoe! And I found on many of your blogs a quote ( I have no idea who said it ) that remains me of those shoes! "Cindarella is a proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!" I just love it and I just can wait anymore but unfortunatly the site-owners warn me that the delifery may take awhile :( 
Anyway, I have one more think to say before the outfit pictures : I really wanna thank Lorena from Necesito lujos and Carolina from The raspberries girl   for their help of finding a great places to shop! Thank your girls! And you shoud check out their blogs! 


Feeling like a teacher


How is your day? I know mine is great! Another exam is behind my back and my trip to Spain is coming ! I'm so excited ! I love the part when I get to plan every hour in my time there! I wanna visit so many places! And I really can use your help! I really need to find some great vintage shops in Madrid and Valencia! Can you help me???I will be very greatful! And if you have suggestions for a great restourants and cafes that would be great too !!!

P.S I just purcase a new pair of shoes! I'm so excited! You already seem them on so many other bloggers! With a platform with a very high wooden heel!Can you guess which one are they ?


2 exams passed, 2 more to go !

Hi, lovelies!

As I wrote the other day, I had an exam yesterday, and I'm so happy! I passed it with excellent grade! I have only 2 more exams and my holliday will start! So, I have another great news ! We ( my BF and I ) just book our flights to Valencia, Spain and then Madrid and then back home! I'm so excited ! In  3 weeks I will visit the great Spain ! Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! I know I  have some readers from Spain, so if you had any suggestion about great places to visit in those 2 marvellous cities , please feel free to tell here  or write me an e-mail iliqna_ll@yahoo.com ! Since I love vintage clothes and accesories I will be greatful if you can think of some good vintage shops ! 
And here some photos that I thought I have lost , but now I found them ! The outfit I wore maybe a month ago, when it was still fall ! 
Hope you like it!
P.S Wow, such a long post! hope I'm not boring now ;)