Getting ready for Valentine's Day


So, if you are totally in love, or if you are just out of a relationship and in the phase that you still hate your ex, you have to be prepare - Valentine's Day is coming. For those of you who have BF/GF that means romantic dresses, dinner dates, roses. And that's so great. Being happy in love on February 14th is magical! But if you are still single, or you just hate the over expression of love - that's OK. But that still means that to face this much feared day - you have to prepare from now! So, adjust your attitudes, make plans - whether  there will be huge party, or romantic dinner, or just staying at home watching some romantic comedies and ingesting a lot of wine -start planning now. And the most important  thing is - put a smile on your face, buy yourself a pretty outfit and your confidence must be up.
So, here I prepared some outfits for different situations! I hope I can be helpful....
P.S Start your shopping now, so everything will be shipped and ready for the big V !

1. When you're on  a romantic dinner date - Nothing says ''I'm in love " more than a deep-red colored dress...

2. When you're single and decide to go to a restorant with a friend - When you need to project confidence ...

3. When you're partying with a bunch of friends  - Just have a lot of fun ...

4. When you're at home watching  The Valentine's Day or something else with your date -   Be sweet and comfy ...

5. When you're doing the same but alone - Be who you are and you'll be awesome .... so wear the same as if you were with your date ....

6. When you're going to the ballet whit your best friend (hint hint - that's what I'm doing :) )


  1. Is it Valentine's already? Time flies. It's one of my favorite holidays and I'd love to be sporting look no.1 Though they are all great picks.
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  2. All pieces are great! Nice tips.


  3. Great picks Iliyana!! My favourite has to be the red and white heart print dress from the first scenario, though...could it be any more perfect for Valentine's Day?!


  4. We love your selectiom, very different options but lovely and sexy all them!


  5. Great Post! Thanks for stopping by Full Figured & Fashionable!

  6. I will probably be partying with friends so I choose outfit 3. Love those dresses!

    x Karen

  7. Love the Black Grey Long Sleeve Quilted Asymmetric Zip Jacket!! Great find!


  8. love the first set<3
    lets follow on bloglovin?

  9. Nice clothing! I especially love section 2.


  10. Loving all that you picked out! I especially am digging the reds.


  11. I absolutely love 2.2. Such a classic shape, but still interesting! You have a very good eye for putting these together :)

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  12. awesome selections loving the leather jackets and jewelry!


  13. Oooooh as a single girl, I'm loving the second and third options, especially the 3rd. A night on the town sounds like a brilliant idea and to look hot while doing it, yesssss. I think I should make some plans now lol, thanks for the inspiration beautiful :)

    The Indie Byline